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What are features of Alexa rank checker and how it works?

When you develop a website and wants more audience visit to your site so that you get high ratings as well as the promotion of the website. Especially e-store developers want that more and more people access to their website for online shopping. If you are interested in creating a website and want that your website becomes popular among the community then it's very important to fulfill all SEO requirement so that website gets the required number of targeted audiences in short time.

The keyword is the basic element of the SEO, if there are resent keywords and place properly then its mean your content will get high rankings. To determine either you will get the top place in the google search or not then its good to use certain tools to determine the ranking of website. You can use the tools like Alexa rank checker, it is one of the best rank checkers.

How Alexa help you?

If you want to use the software and want the Alexa rank site info that how it works and help you it is good to check its reviews. It is an excellent site and helps you in the following the way

  • It describes the number of competitors you have in the SEO market.
  • It provides the platform to compare your site ranking with other websites
  • It also helps you in determining the factors that why your site is down in ranking than others. It also describes the features of the other sites that make them more preferable for the visitors as compared to yours.
  • It is one of the best SEO ranking tools that determine the stats and analyze the targeted audience about your site.

How does rank checker work?

The rank checking is important to check the popularity of the keyword or overall website among the community. If you want to know how to check Alexa rank it is very simple. You can directly visit the site. You can easily find and check rank Alexa in the google search engine. Open the site, add the URL and within few seconds you will find the ranking of your site.

Procedure to find the SEO ranking

To find the ranking of your site you can follow the steps given below

  • Specify the search engine

The first step is the selection of the search engine where you want to determine the ranking of your site. For international level, you can choose the google, bing or yahoo while for local ranking you can check the search engine active in your area. Mainly people prefer google to search their required content. In the Alexa web ranking tool, you can easily set the search engine on which you want to search for the audience of your website. About 570 search engines are working all over the world, you can choose the required one from the settings menu and select according to your location.

Set your location

 The next step after selecting the search engine the next step is to select the location from where you want to check the number of audiences in your area. If your target location is different from your original location, you can easily adjust the location setting in the Alexa rank checker tool to find the volume of the traffic in that particular area. It is very simple to apply settings. You have to click on the preferences and then search engine setting and her you find the option of location. Click it and adjust your area setting.

You can also adjust the multiple locations in order to find the number of people visiting to your site in different regions of the world.

Add the landing pages.

Each page on your website has multiple pages. It is good to do some homework about the addition of the keywords and the pages which you want to keep as a landing page where your audience will get direct access by typing the particular keywords. Another important point to ponder is that the page information must be according to the keyword otherwise the people may lose interest and will not prefer to visit the site. To check the Alexa score and rating for your website then it's important to write the proper keywords to check the overall rating of your site.

In order to decide about the landing page, it is important to assign the keywords on the landing page.


Determination of the stats

Alexa page rank checker provides the user a special toolbar which indicate about the number of the followers for the particular site. It provides the accurate data and give the lowest number to the sites with high ranking. Some people get confused when they see low number in ranking toolbar, they must not afraid as the lower number does not mean lower ranking rathe it defines that the site is popular among the community. The sites with high rankings have blue bar that Alexa provide to the user so its mean the popular site will have blue tool bar and is the symbol of high ranking.

If you want that your site remains in top of the search engine ranking then it’s good to use the rank checking tools so that you know about the rating. In this way you can make changes in your site to bring it on top rating and you can achieve SEO market goals.