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Things Everyone Knows About DOMAIN AGE CHECKER That You Don't !!

Definitions of Domain Age Checker: 

As we know every website has a domain name (that is the name of the website itself) and every domain name has its corresponding age. The term "Domain age" is simply, the time span for the Domain has been available on the internet. The older the domain is, the more trusted it is by users simply because of its seniority. It also attracts better response from search engines and organic website visitors. Our tool, Domain Age Checker, is a smart yet very easy to use tool to authentically check the exact age of your domain. You simply need to put in the URL of your website and our tool will display the desired result by only one click.



There is no rocket science behind the operation of this tool. As mentioned above, you just need to paste in the URL of your website into our search bar and our reliable tool will display the result in front of you.

Our basic aim behind creating this tool was to enable our visitors to benefit from premium SEO features for free. Using the Domain Age Checker tool, you will be able to find the exact date, month and year on which the domain was registered. However, there is far more to it. This tool also tells you the time your current domain is going to expire as well as it will tell you about its IP address and its registrar.

Not only this, but, other tools available on our website such as Domain Authority Checker, Page Authority checker or Alexa Rank checker are extremely easy to use and deliver authentic results.


What is the Domain Age?

As the term implies, domain age refers to exactly how long your domain has been readily active and accessible. Basically, the age of a domain is precisely calculated from the first day Google has viewed its link, indexed it or crawled it.

A domain could even be around for about 10 years and there is a high chance that Google hasn’t even crawled it once. This is particularly true for domains that don’t exactly have any activity at all.


You may easily locate such helpful tool on our site . A few of these tools include:



Question : Why should i care about my domain age?
Answer : You should keep in mind that domain age matters as newer domains gather less attention from Google as they haven’t been “crawled” enough yet. Relatively older domains have better chances of showing up in top search results.


Question : Does Domain Age affect SEO?

Answer.  Domain Age does not affect SEO, however, a senior domain is preferred by users as it has a potential of already better ranking and already having some backlinks.


Question : Why is it easier for older domains to gather more revenue?
Answer : It is easier, as Google has sufficiently crawled an older domain thus trusts the site and the information provided on the site more.


Question : Why are relatively newer domains overlooked?

Answer : This is due to them not being displayed on top search result pages as much as older domains.


Question : Why are relatively newer domains overlooked?

Answer : This is due to them not being displayed on top search result pages as much as older domains.