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The database which carries all the records of the websites which are active on the internet is the IP address. The IP address for every domain is different and the IP address is what distinguishes one domain from another domain. When you connect to the internet, your identity is defined as a specific IP address. An IP address is simply like house address or phone numbers.  There are 2 types of IP addresses, Static IP Address and Dynamic IP Address. As a general rule, static address always remains similar and never changes. Dynamic IP address can be changed and can also be assigned from one user to another user. Static IP addresses normally describe information such as the area, country and the code of the region where the system is operating. It does not deliver much information about the domain and the information it does deliver is not always very reliable as well. Dynamic IP address are known as pool of addresses. These are assigned whenever a user connects its device to the internet. It is also difficult to hack Dynamic IP address when compared to Static IP address.

On the other side, domain is the name of your website. Domain is the identity of your website. Whatever the name of your domain is the name of your website.


What is Domain Into IP?


Domain into IP is yet another of our easily useable SEO tool available on your website . If you are thinking why you need to know the IP of your domain when you can simply memorize or bookmark it then, you will need the IP address of any domain you wish to inquire about. Alongside our unique tools such as Reverse IP Domain Checker, Domain Hosting checker, you also need this tool to stay updated on how your domain is performing and if it is functioning to its maximum capabilities.




If you wish to fully know the details of your domain, then head over to our website and click on the corresponding icon. Simply input the name of your domain and click submit. Our smart tool will tell you;

.IP address


.ISP code for the domain

.Web Hosting provider




Q1- How are domain names converted into IP addresses?

Domain Name servers aka DNS manages a large network of domains and also matches several domains with several ip addresses.


Q2- What are Root Name Servers?

The server from the root zone of the DNS are known as Root Name Servers.


Q3- How many Root Name servers are present?

The DNS server only uses 13 Root Name servers .


Q4- What do Root Name servers do?

The main job of Root Name servers is to publish root zone file which is the key aspect when it comes to the functionality of the DNS.