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What is GOOGLE MALWARE CHECKER and How Does It Work?


Before we dive into what Google Malware Checker is and what this tool offers, we need to understand what malware is? Malware is the shorter version of the term Malicious Software. Malicious Software can be harmful for your device because it attacks your device without letting you notice it.  Now you must be thinking in what ways can malware appear or stay inside your device. Well, there is no fixed kind or type of malware. A malware can be,

  • Worms
  • Virus
  • Hijackers
  • Phishing
  • Spyware

The list is never ending and you never know when a specific type of malware can enter into your device's system. A malware can result into stealing your information or simply destroy the system. If your system has gotten sluggish and is no longer the best performing tech device it used to be. there are chances that it is struck by malware.

By now we do know that malware is superbly dangerous for our system. Therefore yes, it is necessary to remove it from your device. However, before you start removing it, you first need to be sure whether your website has malware inside it or not. Our tool Google Malware Checker is one the best malware analysing tools available on the web.  Our team of "SEO Website Tools" have developed this tool for our users who are facing the issue of malware on their website. This tool detects malicious software or viruses which may be present behind your web pages and updates you through security threats.



The procedures of using this tool is fairly simple. The user has to simply paste the URL of his website in the space provided and the rest is done by our efficient system and softwares. You will be redirected to Google's safe browsing diagnostic pages. A proper report will be provided to you according to your website analysis and if the report marks your website as not suspicious then you and your website are going to be on a safer side. Such malware problem may not make an impact on your website, but it may also influence the ranking of your webpage. The program will also use our site finder to check out your other websites that at times would be challenging to find without a security instrument.

Besides this we have other available tools on our website which are not only very user friendly and easy to use, but, they help you maintain or enhance the ranking of your website. Tools such as Word Counter, Backlink Checker, Plagiarism Checker require just one click to deliver best seo service possible and act as building blocks in taking your website higher in terms of Google Algorithms.




Question : Why is Malware Detection even needed?

Answer : Malware Detection (MD) assists in protecting your organization's reputation and keeps your website from being blacklisted by search engines by detecting malware that your users may be infected with by visiting your site.


Question : Am I actually in any danger of getting malware on my site?

Answer : Yes! The usually attacked web pages belong to innocent companies and individuals whose site had been compromised by various cyber criminals. A large number of these websites even had security in place.


Question : Does Malware Detection even impact my site?

Answer : No. malware detectors browse your site just as a simple user would. The service does offer any performance settings that allow you to conduct the scans at slower speeds that have the exact same impact as a single user, or you could even choose to conduct the scans with more speed, these acts like there are more users browsing your site. These settings are completely and easily configurable.


Question : I know it is incredibly bad for the people who visit my website if they get infected from me, but does it have any actual direct effect on me or my personal website?

Answer : Yes. By delivering malware to visitors you place a high risk of being added to blacklists from search engines such as Google and Bing, or URL blacklists from security vendors which will simply block visitors from getting to your website and potentially damaging your valuable, hard earned brand reputation. The potential loss of revenue as a result of this could be highly devastating.