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CHECK KEYWORD DENSITY ONLINE: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All!

Check Keyword Density Online tool helps content writers figure out the exact number of keywords that are needed in their content, which is what keyword density in SEO. Like too many keywords can cause Google to frown upon your work, however, too little keywords would make your site hardly noticeable. Thus to attain a good search engine ranking you should strive to use the perfect amount of keywords. The tool allows you to analyze either an entire webpage by pasting its respective URL or a piece of text by just copying and pasting it. What the tool does to Check Keyword Density Online is that it divides the number of times your keywords are mentioned with the total number of words in the article and multiplies it by a hundred to obtain a keyword density percentage. You can use this anytime you like with unlimited uses and of course, for free.


If you are under the illusion that using our tool is confusing or hard then you are wrong, for it is extremely easy and simple to work. All you have to do is select the URL of the webpage you seek to analyze and paste it, or if you would like to simply analyze a piece of text then all you are required to do is copy and paste the text in the designated area and run the tools program. Our keyword density analyzer and checker program will then run its unique algorithm to provide you with the desirably accurate results you require. You can not only use keyword density checker tool on your own work, but, also on your competitions work to get an upper hand in the game of rivalry.


Wondering why you should be using this tool? Well, our keyword density calculator tool does much more than just calculating keywords. It checks and thoroughly analyses every top keyword used on your page or text that is analyzed and provides metrics such as

  • Total number of keywords on your page
  • Page load time (for URLs)
  • An extensive tag cloud, detailing all keywords utilized of the page or text that is analyzed
  • Contents top keywords along with their respective frequency counts and indicate whether they have descriptions or titles
  • Keyword density for each and every keyword or phrase within the actual examined content including its frequency of usage and percentage

Just like other free tools available on our website such as the keyword density analyzer, this is a must have tool especially for On-Page experts.


Question : Does keyword density actually affect ranking?
Answer : Basically what you should know is that without keywords your webpage isn’t likely to be noticed by Google and displayed on the top. In another way of stating these keywords are required for pages to show up in SERPs (search engine results pages).


Question : What is, in reality, the best keyword density for a better ranking to be achievable?
Answer : Well, there is no such exact percentage, what you should keep in mind is that using too many keywords is known as keyword stuffing and that comes under spamming which is banned in Google's webmaster guidelines. Thus websites that break this rule are given a significantly lower rank.


Question : What should one do to know if they have been keyword stuffing?
Answer : Individuals should use our keyword density calculator tool to get a proper insight and details on their contents condition so that they can correct it.