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How You Can (Do) ONLINE PAGE SIZE CHECKER Almost Instantly


Out of all the tools SEO Website Tools have developed in order to ensure easy and efficient working for its users, Online Page Size Checker is one of that comes pretty up the list. This tool checks the size of any specific page available on the web. It is extremely crucial to know the size of your website URL as a larger page size is one of the contributing factors in higher bounce rate of any website link. Obviously the more media you have uploaded on your page such as audio, video files, gifs, flash images etc the larger the size of the page will be. Our tool is there to assist you in knowing the exact size and health report of your page and not only website page size checker, but, other tools available on our website such as Page Speed Checker or Google Cache checker also deliver authentic reports which can help you to improve the performance and SEO of your website.



Just like every available tool on our website, Page Size Checker Tool is very easy to operate. There is no special method or expertise required to operate this tool. The purpose of using this Web page Size Checker tool is simple, to know the size of your website page. All you need to do is simply paste or type the URL of the page you want to inspect in the search bar and click on the "Search" button. The remaining action will be done by the powerful technical abilities which our website and our tools posses. Results also don’t take forever to appear, instead, its just a matter of seconds that you can see your desired results available on your device's screen.

This is a very useful tool and can be very handy for advanced SEO workers or taking your website to advanced SEO status. If you have complete knowledge about your web page, you can control your website,

. Traffic

. Bounce rate

. Analytics

. Specific audience targeting

and many other SEO advanced measures which can improve the ranking of your website.



Question : How many MB is a webpage?

Answer : The size of every webpage depends upon the amount of content or media it holds, however, the average size is about 1.3 mbs


Question : How many KB should a web image be?

Answer : A web image must be around 200kb normally. This is known as the 200kb rule which majority of web developers follow for publishing an image online.


Question : Is this tool useful in SEO?

Answer : Yes. You can check easily check how big is my website. Our Website Size Checker tool is useful in SEO. Infact its more of a use in advanced SEO techniques. You can target your audience and heavily control the bounce rate from your website if you use our tool.