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About Word Counter


What is Free Word Counter?

Free Word Counter Online is extremely easy to use an online tool to calculate number of words, sentences, characters, paragraphs and pages in real time, with the added benefit of spelling and grammar checking. Begin by typing directly into the text area available or pasting in your content from elsewhere. Word and character counts will simply be displayed at the top, any writing mistakes noticed will be underlined and you’re the user’s frequently used keywords will appear to the right of the page.

Furthermore, you can also use Free Word Counter Online to easily track your text length against common web standards such as Google's meta description (300), Twitter's tweet character count (140), and Facebook's average post display length (~250). If your text exceeds 360 characters the counter will display the number of paragraphs, sentences, and pages instead; useful metrics for articles, blog posts, essays, papers, dissertations and other long-form content.


No one wants to employ an absolutely boring freelancer who's there just to grind and discover the money in well-written documents including extensive article and essay word count. Keeping tabs on anything you spend will enable you to adjust your financial plan for decades in the future. Instead, you might prefer using a free word count tool online.

A large chunk of our communication happens through writing. Shooting for an opportunity to read target could appear as a small odd to conquer for blog writers, but it is a valuable part of Mediums charm. You are able to even have them marked with the guidance of Writing Correction Service on several websites. One of their websites includes varieties of helpful word count machines.

The local SBA or your regional Chamber of Commerce is your very best bet in securing your company name. You definitely wouldn’t want to cancel out any of your work! If you look after this, then you are going to create great work.

When an idea strikes you, or you have a minute to write, then you should have a notebook to compose all your thoughts down on. A lack of attention is among the main reasons why books fail. You should be able to deal with the topic, develop thoughts dependent on the instant use of your imagination and any such relevant examples to express your perspective to an audience.

Over the period of a couple days or weeks, it is possible to observe that your thoughts and ideas to write accumulate. To adhere to such circumstances effectively, you require no less than a year of experience, and then you are surely composed enough to have an excellent eye-stopper headline with numerous search phrases. Now, keeping a track of all of this material is a difficult task, that’s where free word counters come in.

Things You Should Know:

Whether it is a book or a report, nothing can be achieved in a short period of time, it also requires dedication.

It's ethically unacceptable to demonstrate vast amounts of advertisement without anything useful to offer. Internet affiliate marketing as a whole has turned into a bigger business together with the usage of SEO, and it remains to be one of the key sources of revenue for writers or for individuals possessing a suitable quantity of writing and research art. It's easy and fast to track down and post your ads here at such places.

The wide variety of writers assessments are based on the comprehensive total word count of their essays. It's a long-answer writing type that actually assesses a candidate's capacity to compose persuasive or argumentative essay on a certain topic. These candidates might prefer to use our totally free document word count as a way to keep track of their own work.

The cost per word has come to be a typical reason as to why word frequency should be taken into consideration each time an individual is writing.

A website with a great deal of information that's easy to navigate necessarily means a website with large quantities of internal hyperlinks. The precise number of times that the keywords appear within a report will be determined by the assortment of words from the search term together with the whole total word count of the article. Lists are important to any kind of promotion, but there's a sweet place in figuring out the most suitable length of your content, and it is mostly dependent on the niche. Our tool, "Word Counter" available on our website is a fairly simple and free tool to use. It can assist you to keep a track on your article's limit and this in general, helps to produce a great content.

It is possible to take advantage of this search engine marketing tools to understand the variety of phrases of your own content. Targeting the keyword in your blog post is the only real approach to become indexed in Google to your specific search query. The meta description tag is frequently regarded as a general summary of the post.

Among the things that you want to understand is that the majority of the PDFs you make are safeguarded by means of a password. Our tool allows you to use URLs in a blog. Simply insert your text into the text region and obtain swift results.

If you are in the need to learn more about SEO it's also sensible to check out MozCon.


  • Writing your content in an easily scannable way.
  • You can easily cut out any unnecessary fluff, repeated ideas or vague thoughts that solely increase the word count rather than adding substance to your post.
  • Use a page method that breaks the post up into smaller pieces that are a lot easier to read.
  • Aids in the writer’s time management.

Lies You've Been Told About Free Word Counters Online:
There are numerous tools available on the world wide web, claiming to provide you with the help in your work line that you need, however, this is not true. Various articles and sites my claim that our tool is fake and does not deliver results. An extensively large number of these so-called "helper tools" are scams and fakes, however, our word counter will never let you down.

Free Word Counter Online - Is it a Scam?:

Our tool has been designed by a team to ensure that our users obtain perfect and reliable results. Thus, it is not a scam.


Question : How many words add up to a page?
Answer : Respectively, 250 words are equal to a single page thus, 500 would be equal to two pages, and 1000 words would be four pages.


Question : How to use word counter?
Answer : The user is intended to paste or upload their desired document onto the available space provided and select the option to proceed with the program.

Question : Is there a limit to the number of pages one can add to the tool?
Answer : No there is no such acquitted limit.


Question : What does this tool do mainly?
Answer : This tool is a word count tracker and the purpose is to calculate number of words in a document.


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