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WEBSITE REDIRECT CHECKER: This Is What Professionals Do

Website Redirect Checker is a pretty handy tool for SEO experts who deal with the origins of a particular domain or website. Using this tool, you can easily track the path where a redirected URL leads to. This Online redirect checker inspects several URLs which report to a response code corresponding to their originating URL. The expertise of this tool is unlimited and it is also used as:

  • 301 redirect checker
  • Checking URL redirects
  • Redirect tester, finder & detector
  • Bulk Redirect Checker


You can use this http redirect checker to know if the shortened links or the redirecting links are taking you to a legitimate web link or a spam page. You can also use this link redirect checker to find where are cookies being set in a web linking path. When you look at how much accurate and how well managed this tool works in order to deliver redirecting information of so many web links, you will get stunned for a minute.

Alongside tools available on our website seowebsitetool.com such as the ALEXA RANK CHECKER and MOZ RANK SCORE CHECKER, this tool is one of our most favorite and we spent great time in developing this tool.  Premium SEO experts definitely know it’s worth.


The usage of our redirect checker as an absolutely free 301 checker or more is as easy as pie. You don’t even have to do any more than lift a simple finger and providedly place the domain URL in the text box and run the amazingly efficient program. You will then be instantaneously provided with the desired results that will contain the details of URL along with of course the redirected URL.
IF you are in the cold search a tool that would check redirects that our own redirect checker or URL redirect tracker is an absolute necessity for you as it is a highly user-friendly, reliable and fast tool. Furthermore, this URL redirect tracker is completely free of cost for the use of absolutely anyone.



Question :  Exactly how many 301 redirects can I do in a single chain?
Answer  : We advise our users to not use any more than 3 redirects in a single redirect chain as the page speed slows down and google bots won't follow the 301 redirects over a large number of hubs. Also, the user experience is reduced.
Some browsers also may allow 5 redirects in a single chain.

Question :  About how many redirects can I use on a site?
Answer  : There are no actual limits in using 301 redirects on a single site, you can even implement more than 100,000 of 301 redirects without any penalty.
However, an extensive amount of 301 redirect unnecessarily overload the server and reduce overall speed.

Question :  What’s the slowest type of redirect?
Answer  : Meta refresh is the slowest and doesn’t support all browsers.